How a Man Who Wore a Fake Uterus Is Reinventing Sanitary Pads

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This is story about a man who created—and wore—a fake, bleeding uterus made out of a bladder and goat’s blood. This is also a story about an inventor breaking profound taboos to revolutionize the lives of women. Either way, how a school dropout in India came to invent a cheaper way to make sanitary pads is a tale at once weird and inspiring, as chronicled in a recent BBC article.

Camilo Rivera‘s insight:

Some people are just plain crazy, others are just trying to resolve problems in a very unique way. Arunachalam Muruganantham was one of the latter, and he set his mind to solve a very common problem for women in India. He had to test his invention thoroughly and the only test subject he found was himself. An amazing example of how an entrepreneur overcame obstacles to get where he wanted.

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