Environment-friendly inventions, how can we use them?

So, I just read about the invention of these two researchers from the Florida State University who discovered four “multiferroic” crystals that could reduce the environmental impact of current chips, while increasing the amount of  storage on devices made up from these material. I think it’s really nice that we can find people all around the world trying to make this world a better place, while trying to get some money for their world. It’s the american dream, right?

Other inventions rely on Einstein’s law of conservation of energy, which states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be transformed from one state to another. Imagine the amount of energy we waste every day just by walking, working, or eating. The energy spent to lift up a spoon or ride a bicycle is transformed into another type of energy that we cannot reuse. Well, mix that with another nice invention called piezoelectric materials. An article made from a piezoelectric material would be capable of producing electricity if a mechanical stimulus is performed on it. In addition to this, if the piezoelectric material is flexible enough, it could even be turned into clothes and produce energy as we walk. Cool, huh?

So, I can think of many applications for this kind of material, including human-powered homes and vehicles. Even simple games such as anti-stress rubber rings or some types of home appliances could be piezoelectric-powered devices. I can see this as an incredible opportunity except for some energy storage and transportation issues that would require us to be permanently connected to one of many batteries holding all of our energy production for us to be able to use it later.

Now, as a challenge to all of you reading these pieces of information, what real-world applications can you think of for piezoelectric materials?

Waiting for your feedback…


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